The Working of Drain Cleaners

You know how it feels like when you are expecting guests as you take your dirty pots out of the sink and open the strainer only to find water accumulating in the sink with murky water as the drain is clogged.

However having a clogged drain is no reason to panic. Often simple measures of kitchen plumbing taken could get the flow again in a short time.

One of the possible means to go ahead is using commercial drain-cleaning products that are effective enough in certain situations. Many of these products are well advertised and you could be lured to pour them down a clogged drain before going for some other techniques. However, there are some alternative methods for drain cleaning that are more effective and are less risky to health and the environment.

The following article tells about ways to clear clogged drains and ways to avoid clogged drain.

Clogs and ways to deal it

What is the reason behind clogged drains? The answer lies in the way we make use of drain. It is not only water that flows down the drains, and it is important to know the cause of clogging of the drain as it could be grease and small particles of food that could wreck havoc. In the case of bathroom, it is the hair and soap scum that are the biggest culprits. Over time, these substances gradually build up as they line the drain and it takes some food particle or another hair clump to block the drain.

In some cases, there could be foreign objects like bottle tops and jewelry that can clog the drain. In all these cases, drain cleaners do not come to any help to clear the drain. It is the service of a home renovation plumbing service to remove the object blocking the drain.

Firstly, you need to locate the clog blocking the drain. It is important to remove, check and clean the stopper or strainer at the mouth of the drain. You may need a screwdriver or pliers to remove the strainers if it is difficult to remove by hand. Remove whatever you find in the drain and then pour hot water down the drain pipe.

Next, make use of a plunger on the drain and in the event of it not working, try to remove and clean the trap of the sink. And if this also fails, you may try a sewer snake or auger. If any of these techniques does not work, it is necessary to use drain cleaning products.

Chemical Drain Cleaners

Most of the drain cleaners as sold in market have strong chemicals in them, and they are available in liquid, gel or powder forms. These substances work by movement of electrons between the substance and the clogged substances and in the process generate heat. There are three types of drain cleaners available. These are the caustic drain cleaners, the Oxidizing drain cleaners, and the Acid drain cleaners.

The caustic drain cleaners are made of lye and caustic potash. These cleaners are bases and are heavier than water, thus helping them to get in contact with the clog through the standing water.

Oxidizing drain cleaners contain household bleach, nitrates and peroxides. These are also heavier than water and hence can reach the clog through the water and clear the blockage.

Acid drain cleaners are mostly sold to plumbers and typically contain sulfuric acid or hydrochloric acid. These acids melt the congealed grease.

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