Stopping The Squeaks In Your Home

Over time, or due to heavy usage, the lubrication on your doors may diminish. The result of this wear is squeaking doors. Although many homeowners don’t consider this to be an issue, it really bothers other people.

The great news is that squeaking doors are really a minor problem which can be fixed very easily. Most times, you can fix the problem without buying new hinges or a new door.

Pay Attention

The first step to fixing squeaky doors is to pay attention to the noises. Where exactly is the sound coming from? This sounds simple, but it may actually be more difficult to determine than you think. The easiest way to diagnose the problem is by performing a swing test.

Performing The Swing Test

In order to correctly perform the test, you will need to swing the door a few times and note where the noise is coming from. Stand on the side of the door where the noise is the loudest and then perform the swing test again.

Determine if the squeak just happens when you swing the door quickly or slowly. Or, does the squeak happen during each swing?

The Fixes

If the squeak happens all the time, you may need to lubricate the hinges. You can use WD 40, or even sewing machine oil to fix a squeaky hinge. Use only a few drops and clean up the excess oil with a rag. Then, slowly open and shut the door to spread the lubricant throughout the hinge.

If the door is near a carpeted surface, you should place an old rag beneath the hinge to protect the carpeting. Keep in mind that you may need to lubricate the door hinges on a regular basis to keep the squeaking under control.

If this doesn’t work, you may try to tighten the screws on the hinge itself. Sometimes, the screws become loose after the door has been used a lot. Tightening the screws can be very helpful. Don’t forget to tap on the pin head on the screw plate to make sure that it is also tight.

Another Fix

Sometimes, the door may squeak because it is hinge bound. This happens when the wood of the door rubs against the wood of the door frame. Unfortunately, fixing this type of squeak may take some work.

In order to fix the squeak, you will need to unscrew the hinge on the door jam side of the door. Make sure to leave the other side of the hinge attached to the door. In fact, you may want to tighten the hinge before you start, so that the hinge stays tight during the procedure.

You will now need to chisel out the recesses near the barrel of the hinge. It may take some trial and effort to find out exactly how much you will need to cut out. Be careful when chiseling and chisel a small amount at a time. You can always cut out or notch more if necessary!

If this still doesn’t fix your problem, you may need to contact a professional contractor to help you with the issue.