The Top 6 Coolest Electric Fireplaces on the Market

In the past few years, electric fireplaces have seen a tremendous surge in popularity. With energy costs always seeming to be on the rise, electric fireplaces offer many people a cheap alternative for heating their homes. These fireplaces also have the advantage of a drastically better esthetic when compared to the appearance of your average space heater. Even if nothing beats the look and feel of a real fireplace, these fireplaces seem to be rapidly narrowing the gap as their manufacturers continue developing more cost-efficient and innovative designs.

If you’ve been considering adding a fireplace to your home, there are a number of good-looking options from which to choose. You’ll likely need to have some specifications of the layout of your house to determine what unit is most appropriate, but most models are fairly adaptable at this point. To help you guide your decision, we’ve listed here descriptions of six red-hot fireplaces with the coolest designs and features currently available.

1. Dimplex Amsden Opti-myst

With Dimplex’s Amsden, the future is now. The sleek, open design epitomizes avant-garde yet still manages to come across as unimposing and versatile. It uses Opti-myst technology (which will come up again further down the list) that reflects light against water-molecules to create the illusion of a flame. The result is an incredibly realistic-looking fire without all the hassle. The Amsden is a great place to begin to see just how far electric fireplace design has come.

2. Dimplex Traditional Electric Stove

On the other hand, The Dimplex Traditional stove is a nostalgic reminder of past heating appliances, conveniently updated with all the benefits of modern function. For those who grew up with a wood stove, or simply love the look of them, this electric fireplace provides the historic design in a variety of colors to fit your preferences. It also offers the improvement of being easier to manage and much safer to use than its wood-burning predecessor.

3. Kent Convertible Media Center 23 inch LED Electric Fireplace

The Kent Convertible is the no-frills option on the list. What you see is what you get, and what you get is a durable, multipurpose unit that can fit seamlessly almost anywhere. The heating capabilities are substantial, while the muted flames and glowing logs are subtle.

4. Napoleon 39-Inch Black Wall Mount with Electric Fireplace Heater

The Napolean Wall Mount gives another example of the forefront of a contemporary design. Constructed with the intention of providing a soothing element for any room, this fireplace rests on a wall like a work of art.

5. ClassicFlame Endzone

The ClassicFlame Endzone is ideal for anyone looking for a bit more than just a fireplace. This unit doubles as an entertainment center fitted with shelving for your cable boxes, DVD/Blu-Ray Players, and Game Consoles. It also comes fully equipped with a built-in mini fridge, iPod Dock and removable speakers. The Endzone is the essential “all-in-one” option for electric fireplaces.

6. Dimplex Debenham Opti-myst

The Debenham is perhaps the best looking model on this list. The corner located fireplace, the distinguished black with walnut finish, and the Opti-myst all come together to make this unit simply gorgeous. Every time you illuminate it, you’ll be hard-pressed to avoid marveling at its beauty.

These six models are a mere sampling of the many awesome fireplaces you can purchase for your home. Electric fireplaces are in the unique circumstance were increased demand has yet to dilute quality. Instead, competitive retailers have sought continual improvement in design and function. Now is perhaps the best time to get yourself an electric fireplace.

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