How to Check Your Roof for Leaks

If you suspect that you roof may be leaking, then it is time to take swift action. Ignoring a small leak could end up with you having to deal with a much more serious repair issue later on. A leak that is left unrepaired can cause serious water damage, can result in damage from dampness, and can cause staining and rot. Read on for a guide to checking your roof over, and what to do if you discover that you do have a leak.

Thoroughly inspect

Check your attic area for signs of water damage such as staining, mold and mildew. Use your nose to smell if there is rotting damn odor, for even if you cannot see a problem, you may be able to smell one. If you do not detect any signs of leaking, it is still a good idea to ensure there is no unseen problem. One way to detect if there is slight leaking is to wait until a rainy day and then recheck the attic area, or instead, use hose to run water over the roof. Hose down the entire roof area and then check if there are any leaking spots inside the attic. This is a good way to make sure you discover any possible leaking areas of your roof.

Repair asap

If you do discover any leaky areas, make sure that you repair the problem as soon as possible. Carefully work your way along the roof carrying out the necessary repairs and check if any areas need to be repaired inside of the attic. Only undertake these repairs if you know exactly what you are doing, and are confident in doing so. If in any doubt contact a roof restoration or roof repairs company.

Double check

Once you (or a roof repairs company) has repaired the area that showed damage, double check the area by once again running the hose over the outside of the roof. If the roof has been repaired properly there should be no water droplets penetrating through. If the area is still leaking then you will need to repeat the process, or contact the company that carried out your leaking roof repairs.

Note: make sure that you schedule twice yearly checks on your roof area. Scheduled checks will help you detect any problems early on, preventing serious problems down the line. If you are not confident in carrying out the checks yourself, then hire a specialized home inspections company to carry out checks for you. It is also a good idea to source a good tile repairing company, even if you do not discover any problem initially. You never know when a problem turns up, either through wear and tear or though an accident, such as a fallen tree. Knowing the contact details of a good company that has excellent references will be a relief if ever anything does go wrong. That way, you have a known company on hand to call up when required.

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