Enhance Your Home by Buying New Blinds

Sometimes when you are constantly in your home, you start feeling like it looks tired and needs updating. But many families during this economic hardship, only have a small budget to work with, and therefore a complete refurbishment of a home does not seem financially viable. You could, however, consider changing the look of your home by decorating it with new window blinds.

There are many different types of blinds available in a range of colours, which means getting the right style and look for your home is easily done. Roman, Venetian, vertical, mini and woven wood blinds are the most popular types. Each of these different blinds can offer an entirely different look therefore enhancing your living space without drastically changing it.

Do some initial research into the different blinds available and see what you can afford in your budget. Here is a guide to the different types of blinds available:

    • Roman blinds will shade windows more softly because they are made out of fabric. In order to let more light in they can be pulled to the side if necessary.
    • Venetian blinds are horizontal and have the ability to be raised or closed to either block the sun or increase the privacy inside your home. These types of blinds are very popular amongst home owners.
    • Vertical blinds are used for doors, patios, because they can be opened to the side instead of lifted. They are traditionally longer than horizontal blinds.
    • For an affordable blind that are easy to decorate with, you could choose mini blinds. These blinds are a type of Venetian but they are smaller, and are fitted inside the window rather than the outside.
  • Or another option is a woven wood blind. These are made by weaving different wood fibres with grasses or reeds giving them a natural appearance. They therefore provide an entirely different look than any other type of blind.

You could get your blinds custom made if you can afford spending just a little bit more money on them. By doing this your blinds are made specifically for your window measurements. Alternatively blinds are available in standard lengths which can be cut down if you need to.

If you are on a bit of a tight budget you could install the blinds yourself, if you feel that you have the patience, skills and tools to do this. Otherwise, getting your blinds fitted by a professional will not cost a huge amount of money.

By changing one small aspect of your home can make such a huge difference, and could have the power to make you love your home again. Get buying your new blinds now, and start enjoying your living space once more.

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