The Benefits of Portable Dryers

There is no doubt that heavily worn protective winter gear will have the tendency to accumulate an unpleasant combination of sweat, dirt, blood and more over time. This unfortunately creates the perfect environment for bacteria to build up and spread. Portable dryers that are lightweight and easily transportable for those participating in winter sports such as skiing and snowboarding have proven to be a reliable ally in the battle to keep athletic gear both clean and safe.

Here are some eye-opening examples of the types of bacteria and fungus that are typically found in athletic gear:

• Staphylococcus Aureus – Found in helmets, this can lead to pimples, boils and other objectionable skin infections
• Streptococcus Faecalis – Found in hockey jocks/jills, this is usually associated with fecal material
• Yeast – Normally found on skin surfaces and in the intestinal tracts
• MSRA – Staph infection that often begins as a painful skin boil
• Environmental Bacteria

As you can see, the stakes are high when it comes to keeping athletic gear clean, dry and, above all, safe. You need to find a machine that dries multiple garment styles, including boots, gloves and skates. Portable dryers are small enough that they can be brought along with you on vacations where you will be partaking in activities such as skiing and snowboarding. Obviously, a dryer such as this would be highly beneficial in preventing a dire infection from developing.

A portable dryer is not just useful for those that travel and go on vacation to snowy climes. They are also hugely valuable for those that live in colder climates where it snows during the winter. Since snow boots, gloves and coats are characteristically the type of apparel that is heavily lined, it often causes people to sweat. If not thoroughly cleaned every time, these specific garments give bacteria the opportunity to multiply. However, these particular dryers can substantially decrease the possibility of obtaining an infection. Most portable dryers use only warm air because, if the air is too hot, it can damage the materials used to manufacture the gear. Dryers can also “quick dry” the attire between games/activities without being cleaned.

Those of you that play winter sports should consider purchasing a portable dryer, or at least do some online research to find out if it would be a worthwhile purchase for your residential or commercial needs. If you are competing in a sport like hockey, snowboarding or skiing, the last issue you want to deal with is an infection or illness that will decrease the quality of your performance and perhaps even ruin your chances of winning altogether.

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