Six Home Improvement Projects That Increase Property Value

Home improvement projects run the gamut from low-cost, quick fixes to major construction that could costs thousands of dollars. The following are six common home improvement projects that can increase the value of nearly any house that’s for sale.


The first thing homeowners should do when thinking about listing their property for sale is a thorough de-cluttering. It’s important to go through each and every room and dispose of excess stuff that takes up space, looks messy, or goes unused. Remember, prospective buyers want to imagine themselves living in the space. That means thinking about if all their own belongings will fit in the space, plus envisioning how they might arrange furniture and other key items. If your things are piled up in every corner of every room, they won’t be able to create a personalized vision of the space.


After decluttering your house, go a step further and make sure everything that’s remaining is organized and neat. Prospective buyers who are truly interested will probably open up every cupboard, closet, and other storage space, so don’t forget these important nooks and crannies.


Homeowners have the opportunity to show their personality through paint and other design details. If you have bright colors or bold patterns on walls in your house, prospective buyers may find themselves focusing on the colors as opposed to the house itself. They might think to themselves how they hate the green-colored walls instead of appreciating the sizes of a room or hardwood floors. When selling a property, consider painting the rooms neutral colors, or at the very least touching up any paint that is showing its age.

Window Replacement

For many house hunters, windows are one of the most important features they look at. Older windows are less energy efficient and can lead to high electricity bills. New windows not only demonstrate that you take good care of the property, but they also add significant visual appeal to the house.

Updated Hardware Fixtures

The two rooms that weigh most heavily in prospective buyers’ evaluation of the house are the bathroom and kitchen. Even if you can’t afford to do major home improvement renovations to either room, you can make a smaller investment and upgrade hardware items, such as drawers and cabinets, faucets, and lighting fixtures.

Outdoor Upgrades

Prospective buyers will not only be inspecting the interior of the property, they’ll also be checking out the entire outside space. Make small investments in a few outdoor upgrades that will really increase the curb appeal. A concrete driveway or walkway can be resurfaced to add extra charm or a polished look, and a few simple landscaping updates or new flowerbeds also make the area look more inviting and well kept.