Simple Steps to Organizing Small Closet Spaces

How to Organize Small Closet Spaces

Have you ever thought about organizing the small closet spaces in your home but are not sure where to start? Here is a quick and practical guide to getting those closet spaces in order.

1) Go Vertical.

Most small closets have more room height wise than they do width wise. We suggest using every inch of space possible, and there are several different ways to do so. One is by using a vertical cubical or shelf. Another way to maximize your vertical space is to invest in a hanging organizer. There are many different types of these and you can pretty much find them in whatever size you are looking for. Most of them are skinny enough that you could fit multiple in one closet. To make these space saving units work, you may have to stack items on top of each other. Some items lend themselves to this better than others (hint: don’t stack fragile items). Items that we consider “stackable” include: clothing or any material that can lay flat when folded, hats, socks and shoes. You could also go the route of not purchasing an organizer shelf or system and stacking items directly on the shelving already in the closet. Most people only stack clothing/accessories on the top shelf until they are no longer in arms reach. However, if you are willing to sacrifice a little convenience, you can add to your closet use by continuing to stack items to the very top of your closet. Whichever method you choose to stack your belongings, this is an easy way to maximize your space.

2) Use the Door.

Most closets have some type of door on them. If yours does, why not use the back (inside) of the door for storing small items? (If not, please refer to the other two methods listed here to maximize your space.) You can try mounting organizing bins or trays on the door and store gloves, hats, glasses, undergarments, accessories (think rolling your belts or scarves) or whatever else will fit in there. There are also over the door hanging organizers that you can purchase that have slots to for organizing your small items. When choosing which type of door organizer to use, there are several things to keep in mind. With the mounted organizers, you need to be prepared to actually attach it to your door. This means that there could be marks left on the door if/when you decide to take it down. Some people even nail or screw the organizers in for stability purposes, which would leave holes in your door. With the over the door organizers, be prepared for it to leave some type of mark on your door and or frame. The size and fashion in which it will do so depends on two things: what organizer you purchase and what you place in the organizer. In general, we prefer the mounted organizers because we believe that they offer more stability, but the choice is ultimately yours.

3) Floor It.

Again, we urge you to maximize every space possible. Using the floor for organizing purposes may cause you to bend down to pick items up when you need them, which can be an inconvenience. However, it can save you tons of space. Shoes racks are readily available for purchase and come in many different styles and sizes. Another way to use the floor is to fill bins and/or buckets with items and tuck them into empty corners. Most people don’t think to store their stuff on the floor because they assume that they will use the floor as walking space. If you truly have a small closet space though, chances are that you are not going to be walking into the closet anyway. So why not use it?
Remember, it is important to work with the space that you have. Just because your closet may be small on space does not mean that it has to be small on organization.

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