Rubber Installation Using The Right Equipment

Children’s play equipment has gone through exhaustive and extensive design and regulatory changes over the past couple of decades. With an eye to better safety regulations and access to all children including physically handicapped children means that our playgrounds at schools, parks and churches provide a great place for children to play safely. One of the best in current safety features of many playgrounds include rubber matting or tiling around play structures that provide safe fall zones for children. The installations of these rubber bases provide the foundation of all modern play equipment installations. Find out right here what the best rubber installation equipment is.

Basic Needs

With any construction job there are basic tools that every contractor should have in their toolkit. These tools provide the basis for almost any construction job and are standard requirements in order to provide for the needs of the job. By being properly equipped with these basic tools most challenges or situations that arise will be able to be met through your basic toolkit without having to run to a hardware store or tool rental place.

Measuring tools – these include measuring tapes and laser measuring devices that can provide accurate measurements.

Clamps – are very versatile and useful for many different jobs and can be used in rubber installations as a pair of extra hands.

Knives or cutters – for anything that needs to be cut whether it is supply bags to be opened or material to be cut in order to be laid.

Air compressor – is needed for any construction site that uses pneumatic tools and could be required if you are using an electric or pneumatic polyurethane caulking gun.

Hammers – as the name suggests can be used to fit tiles in tight spaces.

This basic set of tools will enable you to have the necessary tools on hand for small construction jobs.

Rubber installation tools

For rubber installation for playgrounds there are some very specific tools that are needed in order to get the job done efficiently and effectively. It includes the following:

Heavy-duty kneepads – as the installation is a knee prone position heavy foam kneepads are required in order to prevent knee injuries. They should be contoured with Velcro securing straps.

Gloves – should be cotton lined disposable rubber gloves to prevent contact with the polyurethane sealer for the rubber installation.

Tapes – there are number of tapes that are required for installing rubber playground equipment such as tape used for concrete and pavers around the exterior of an installation, lightly adhesive tape used for adhering to playground equipment without removing paint, and general packing tape ideal for taping plastic into barrows.

Treacle Cock – is a precision fitted brass spring-loaded slide provides the most proficient way of controlling polyurethane applications.

Plastic rolls – essential in surface and building construction industries.

Trowels – three trowels are required including a floor trowel, a rounded tip diamond trowel, and a diamond trowel.

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