Improve The Home By Automatic Entry Gates

In these days of added security, not only from unwanted visitors but also to ensure that children are kept safely within the confines of the garden or the front yard, the addition of a good set of sliding gates are a very popular option. It is almost custom and practice for British householders to have their property surrounded by a fence to keep children safe and the family pet with bounds but because of ease of entry the exit to the road is often left open. There are many different options that are available to the homeowner from swinging gates to sliding gates but the sliding gates do have a few advantages that the swing gates do not have. Firstly when they open they slide down the side of the nearby fence, hedge or wall, which basically hides them from view. The swing gates also have the problem that there has to be space in the driveway so that the gates can safely open without hitting anything or anyone.

The sliding gate option is ideal for the general entrance and exit of cars as well as pedestrians and the motor that drives the gate is fitted with a fixed speed motor which requires an electrical controller with clutch so that it is able to be a fully variable speed motor, to take account of the different work patterns of the sliding gate motor, the motor drives a rack and cog system for simple positive opening of the gate. A good automatic sliding gate will have to have at least 1 warning light usually of the type that gives the impression of a rotation light to ensure that people using the gate or whom are in the vicinity of the gate are fully aware prior to its operation and its intended movement so that they are able to move out of the way and also there is a requirement for a legal notice warning people of the dangers of the gate opening.

One of the major heartaches of a sliding gate is to get the gate safely open or closed so that there is never a danger of crushing everyone. The sliding gate is manufactured with an anti-crush mechanism, which works on a torque system so that when they do trap somebody or something the gate does not crush the person. When all is complete the gate can be opened by remote fobs or on gate security systems.

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