How to Clean Your Concrete Floor

Many people opt to have concrete flooring around the exterior of their home, and some choose to have it installed in the interior of their homes. Concrete is inexpensive, hard wearing and easy to maintain, making it a practical flooring option. However, if completely neglected concrete flooring can become very unclean, can become a host to mold and mildew, and begin to look very unattractive. Read on to find out how best to clean your concrete floor and keep it looking good.

Cleaning tools

The best cleaning tools for cleaning interior concrete floors include a synthetic-bristled broom, a mop, mild cleansing liquid, and large old cotton towels. For exterior concrete make sure you have a synthetic-bristled broom, mild cleansing liquid, and a hose pipe at hand. If your flooring has stains, then have some bleach and dry laundry detergent at hand.

Basic cleaning

For basic cleaning of your concrete floor first take the synthetic-bristled broom and use it to gently scrub the floor, in order to dislodge any dust or debris trapped on the surface of the concrete. If you are working on an exterior floor, such as concrete driveways, your next step should be to hose down the entire floor surface area, to remove dust and debris and general dirt. You can wash the floor with some mild cleaning liquid if you wish, by pouring a mix of water and mild cleaning liquid onto the floor and gently scrubbing with the broom. Once finished, flush the area down with the hose again. Skip this step if working on an interior floor area. For interior flooring, use a mop with mild cleaning liquid instead. Mop the entire area until completely clean and then dry the floor with large old cotton towels (it is best to use cotton towels, as synthetic towels can scratch the surface of concrete).

Seal treatment

In order to preserve your concrete floor, make sure that you use a floor sealing treatment every one to three years. A floor seal treatment will protect the concrete from wear and tear and from environmental factors that remove concrete perfection. Untreated floors can become prone to moisture damage, which can result in mold and mildew forming.

General maintenance

For general maintenance of your concrete floor, use a soft bristled brush to sweep over the area and to keep dust and debris from settling into the concrete. For interior flooring it is a good idea to use floor mats to cut down traffic damage, and use floor protectors on the legs of chairs and other pieces of furniture to prevent scores and scratches from forming.

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