House Refurbishment

Your house is no longer a dream home you as you wanted initially. There are thousands of problems and getting all of them fixed would be a job full of hassle. The best way out of this situation would be to go in for a complete makeover of the house a house refurbishment. House refurbishment is bound to be a long drawn affair involving time, effort and money. The best way to go about it would be in a systematic manner, one room at a time if possible. If possible, shifting to another place while work is on, would go a long way in reducing discomfort. House refurbishment would broadly include the following areas:

Extensions: if any extensions or conversions are to be done, it is the best time to get it done.

Changing of electrical wiring: this job cannot be done using a method “one room at a time”. The wiring of the entire house will have to be pulled out together.

Plumbing: changing of pipes ducts which are leaking or which may start to leak soon, installation of new connections in case required.

Heating: installation of a new central gas heating or HVACs. This may involve changing the existing system, upgrading the system or adding new ducts.

Floor relaying: there may be a need to relay the floor tiles because of stains or chips and cracks in them.

Carpentry: the house may need new woodwork to be done or the old one upgraded and new ones added.

Painting and plastering: since this gives the final touches to the walls and ceilings, this job should be done after all the other jobs are through.

Changing of upholstery: the cushion covers, sofa covers, drapes, curtains may have become dull or faded. Changing of upholstery should be done at this time else it will stick out like a sore thumb in an otherwise refurbished house.

Changing of fixtures: the fixtures in the rooms as well as the bathrooms may be changed to go with the new dcor of the house or because they are old, rusty and non functional.

Exteriors: along with the interiors, it is important to remember that the exterior of the house also should look good and inviting. If there is space for a garden or lawn, it should be made and maintained. The external coat of paint on the walls gives a lovely look to the house and a water feature may be added to the garden if there is a need and space.

A completely refurbished house would definitely include all the amenities you have been longing for in your house. It would also reduce your discomfort due to some nagging problems. Once house refurbishment starts, it is a wise decision to get everything done in one go rather than getting it done in bits and pieces. And the final result will be for everyone to see and to enjoy.

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