Home Staging – When You Should Hire Someone to Stage Your Home

Have you heard of how a professional home stager helped your friend, neighbor, or other people quickly sold their homes? If you are in a hurry of selling your home sweet home, then here are some other points that should tell you the right time to hire a stager.

  1. You have ideas, but you don’t know how to execute them. Most of the times, home owners have many bright ideas running round their minds. However, inexperience in decorating and designing leave them implementing the ideas wrongfully. When you are in a similar situation such that you don’t know which part of the house to stage first – then it is a sign to contact a home stager.
  2. You don’t have huge amount to do an expensive home make over. Home staging is entirely different from furnishing the house. As much as possible, the goal of staging the house is to show to potential buyers how livable the property is. When you are on a limited budget, your friendly stager might just have great ideas for less.
  3. Your house for sale has stayed too long in the seller’s market. Despite your advertising efforts in the print world and on cyberspace, your property has spent months after months with just a few calls from potential buyers. Then, they just disappear leaving you clueless on why they suddenly became uninterested. The photographs you have used may have depicted something wrong on the property’s staging. It may be high time for you to change how your house is staged.
  4. Potential buyers are negotiating far too low than your tag price. There is a clear distinction between the job of a realtor and a home stager. While it is the realtor’s job to negotiate prices in your behalf, it is the duty of the stager to exert all efforts to ensure that your house will get ideal prices from prospective buyers. The latter’s duty is concerned on telling you truthfully which aspects of the house you need to change, which needed to be removed, and what should be added. These will come down into making your house more visually appealing and more inviting to the buyers.
  5. Many homes in your neighborhood and across the street have been sold, except yours. Believe it or not. One of the things that cross the minds of home sellers as to why their homes are left unsold is associated with the price. However, you should think why there are cases of low-priced homes being left unsold too. An underlying factor might be due to its improper home staging. When this is your case, it’s time to call the assistance of professional home stagers too.
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