Garden Sheds Come Into The Modern Age

As the old saying goes, “garden sheds are not just for the garden anymore.” Or maybe that is not how it goes, but it is true. As with everything else, they have come into the modern age. If you are even thinking about a garden shed, a little planning and thought goes a long way. No matter if you will build it from scratch or have it custom built, you need to think what the shed will be used for and what your budget is.

First, decide what your garden sheds primary use is. Is it really going to be a garden shed or would another use better fit your needs. Maybe a shed with a lean-to for garden storage and the rest of the space dedicated to a workshop would better suit your needs. Alternatively, perhaps your situation is that you really just need more room in your home for guests but do not want to add on. The children may need room to play outside of the house, or maybe a teenager needs a separate space from the rest of the family. A properly finished, wired, and plumbed place could even be a guesthouse, which can also be used as a year round studio for artwork or crafts.

The first thing to consider is whether a building permit is needed or not. Most cities and urban areas require one, but some areas do not. Depending on what the purpose of the place is and what amenities you plan to add, you will want to site it properly.

If you are using a fabricated shed, you will pour a floor and simply place the shed on top and attach the two. Remember to add any utilities that will need to come through the floor before having the concrete poured or before doing it yourself. If you want a wooden floor, it should be raised above a gravel base to prevent moisture from getting to the wood.

The plans diverge here, if you are building it yourself, get all the materials you need together nearby and do not rush the construction. If you have bought an already manufactured shed, all there is to do is to properly position and anchor the shed.

As far as incorporating technology and the lowly garden shed goes, there is an app for that. Android has an app for building one. Complete steps, printable plans, and a video are included with this android application, which is quite reasonably priced.

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