Eight Ways To Maintain Your Lawn And Prevent Bare Spots

Lawns could be a great source of relaxation. Just seeing the green grass refreshes anyone who marvels its beauty. As easy and as refreshing as it is to look at, there is a big hurdle houseowners face to maintain their lawns. Sometimes because of frustration they hire third-party companies to take care of their lawn for them investing money on it. There is really no need to invest a huge amount of money if you want your lawn maintained and kept in its wonderful state. In fact, you can very well do it on your own. Check out the ways listed below shared by experts in helping you achieve a well-manicured lawn.

1. Fill in bare spots with compost. Bare spots can be frustrating and if left untreated it could take other grasses with it. The main cause for bare spots is that it may be under pebbles or rocks instead of soil therefore preventing the grass from getting its nutrients. To help the grass get the necessary nutrients it needs, fill it with compost.

2. Level your lawn. The tendency for water if your lawn is not properly leveled is it can flow to the lower areas of the lawn leaving the other parts of the lawn unwatered. This could result to unhealthy looking grass. If you are experiencing this, make sure you add fresh top soil into it to make it leveled.

3. Water your lawn. If you can’t really solve the bare spots issue, what you can do is water these sections more regularly so it still can seep in the water it needs. Through watering, it can get the moisture it needs to keep a fresh-looking green color.

4. Use water spray when watering bare spots. To make sure the bare spot gets the water, use water spray. This can ensure that the soil does not dry out easily.

5. Fertilize the soil. It would also you do your lawn great favor if you apply fertilizers into it. However, before you apply fertilizers, make sure the grass is already firmly rooted on the ground.

6. Monitor your lawn. To quickly address issues, always make it a point to keep track of the current progress of your lawn. By doing this, you can also save on costs from future damages.

7. Mow your lawn when needed. The smaller the plant is, the easier for the roots to deliver the nutrients it needs, not to mention when you mow your lawn, plants build another set of leaves which are thicker and healthier. Schedule mowing on your lawn to enjoy a healthy landscape.

8. Apply pest control should you need to. If you have a healthy lawn, there is really no need to apply this however if you are seeing bugs and pests in it, it’s high time you do.

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