8 Helpful Instructions for Installing a TV Aerial on Your Roof

A TV aerial is installed in order to receive television signals which a broadcaster tower transmits. Proper installation of this equipment involves getting the antenna mounted at a high location such as the roof. This will ensure that trees, buildings and other things imposed between the antenna and the tower will not impede the signal. You don’t have to be an electrician in order to install this antenna but you will need some hardware store supplies to do this. Here are some instructions in installing a TV aerial.

1. Visit a Website for Broadcast Tower Locations

When you go to this site, you will be asked to enter your zip code so that you can find your area’s broadcast tower. Take a note of the direction using a piece of paper.

2. Get Yourself to the Roof

Make sure you bring a compass with you and hold it in front of you. Get yourself oriented with the direction that you took note of. Again, take down note of an object or landmark in the direction where the broadcast towers are situated.

3. Mount an Antenna on the Roof

When you start doing this, make sure that your antenna will not be obstructed by any objects around. Wood screws should be screwed through the bracket’s holes and into your roof. You can make use of an electric screwdriver that has a Philips-head tip in screwing the screws in.

4. Seal the Roof

The screw should be applied with silicon sealant so that it will be free from any elements. Before you continue, allow the sealant to set for at least one hour.

5. Loosen the Screws

These screws refer to those located at the bracket’s collar. You can loosen them using a screwdriver. You have to understand that the kind of screwdriver that you will have to use will depend on the bracket’s make.

6. Put the Pole at the TV Aerial’s Bottom

You will have to perform this through the bracket’s top collar. The pole must be run down until it will be able to hit the lower part of the bracket. Turn the extruding rods around the aerial as this will allow them to face the broadcast towers’ direction. Make sure you tighten the collar screws.

7. Screw a Coaxiable Cable End into the Aerial Bottom’s Coax Output

After this, you will have to get the cable running along your roof and down your building’s side until you will reach an opening on the floor where your TV is placed. The cable must be affixed to your roof using roofing staples.

8. Drill a Window Hole

The hole will allow you to pull your cable through. You should run it down your wall and along your wall’s baseboard until you reach the TV. The cable’s free end should be screwed into the television’s coax “Ant” input connection. Finally, the cable must be stapled to the baseboard using U-clamp staples. Again, you will need to put silicone sealant to the hole’s two sides so that the house will be sealed from any elements.

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