5 Things to Remember Before Moving to a New Place

Before you move into a new house, there are five things you must ensure are in place. First, the road leading to the house must be passable. Second, the cost of maintaining the facility must be manageable. Third, the sewer system must be checked to ascertain that it is working as expected. Fourth, one must also check the roof to ensure that it is not leaking. Finally you need to check the security in and around the new house.

The security issue is sensitive and one must check every aspect of it to ensure that it is not compromised. The locks on the gate and locks to all the doors to the house must be changed or rekeyed because you may not know the character and the behavior of previous tenants.

To improve on the security of the house, you may be forced to call a locksmith to replace or rekey all the locks including the one on the gate. Instead of replacing the locks, the locksmith can rekey some of them and make new keys. This is the only way one can stop former tenants and anyone with a duplicated key from getting into the house. A locksmith who has several rekeying kits will find changing locks more difficult compared to rekeying.<>A locksmith charges a fee for every successful door rekeyed. This makes it expensive but it is one of the options that can guarantee security to your house. Security problems and issues have become many; this is why you should ensure all the doors are rekeyed even if it is costly. There are many methods used by locksmiths to rekey locks. The most common one is where the pins are changed. This method is effective especially when working on deadbolt locks. The method does not remove the cylinder hence it is important that you keep the old key since it may help in removing the cylinder in future.

The locksmith may start his work by removing the knob. This can be done by inserting a wire tool into the knob hole and depressing the knob clip. After this, a key is inserted into the lock and twisted so as to unlock the door. After removing the doorknob successfully, the locksmith should remove the cylinder house and change the pins. Thereafter, he should insert the old key and twist it so as to remove the cylinder plug. Finally, he should insert the pins and reassemble the lock.

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